• It's simple, I can clean wheels equal to, if not better, with <br> Wheel-eez® than any acid based cleaner I have tried
  • I was tired, truthfully, of chain breaks. Every couple of months I'd get another chain break. It was the acid that was corroding and deteriorating all the steel on my conveyor.
  • Most operators know how hard it is to clean wheels.<br>Give Wheel-eez® a shot and see shiny wheels and rims. That's what we did.
  • I was looking for a rim cleaner that wouldn't destroy my conveyor. Wheel-eez® Al-Brite 3™ was a clear choice... We've been extremely happy.
  • Good foam and coverage, cleaning good. Can see brake dust and road grime break down before the wheel scrubber.
  • With absolutely no effort these wheels became brilliantly clean. I was amazed!! This is the best product I have ever used on wheels. I would recommend this product to anyone.
  • This product is wonderful. My wife has an Audi A6 and the rim vines are too close together and spraying this product inside cleaned the rims to where they looked new.
  • Great product!! Recommended for all types of wheels. Really does the job!

Car Washes, Professional Detailers, Car & Motorcycle Buffs!

Our Professional Wheel, Metal , and Hull Cleaning Products are Engineered to be Noncorrosive, Nonflammable, and Safe to Handle. Won't harm You or your Equipment!

Car Washes

Finally, a Safe Alternative to Dangerous Wheel Cleaners that Actually Works!

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Pro Detailers

Detail Pro - Buy Online Our Best Wheel Cleaner and Metal Cleaner Formulated to Remove the Worst Greasy Brake Dust, Dirt &...

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Spot - Free Metal Shine for ALL METALS! Death to Dull!  Get your Bike to Shine!  Powerful to use on Greasy Brake Dust and Wheels!

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Boat Goat Scrub Hull & Metal Cleaner

Boat Detailing

Boat Goat Scrub removes the ugly grimy build up that can discolor boat hulls. It cleans metals and removes rust with a safe, gentle cleaning action. Faster, Easier, Cleaner.

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Why AB3?

A Highly Concentrated, Powerful Wheel Cleaner.

5 Gallon Pail makes 55 Gallons Wheel Cleaner


Wheel-eez® Al-Brite 3™ is a replacement for HF and Acid Based wheel cleaners. AB3™ is noncorrosive, safe to handle & store, and won't harm your people or equipment.

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Wheel-eez® Wheel Cleaner

Superior Cleaning without the Safety Risks of HF or ABF
Noncorrosive Formula that won't hurt People or Equipment.

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Wheel-eez® Noncorrosive Wheel Cleaners