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Boat Goat Scrub Hull & Metal Cleaner

Boat Goat Scrub removes the ugly grimy build up that can discolor boat hulls. It cleans metals and removes rust with a safe, gentle cleaning action. Faster, Easier, Cleaner.

Boat Goat Scrub™  Takes the Work Out of Cleaning a Boat • It Removes Ugly!

Boat Goat Scrub™

Protect your investment in equipment and people by using Wheel-eez® Wheel Cleaner. Stop replacing equipment due to corrosion caused by your wheel cleaner and avoid dangerous HF and ABF that is harmful and may soon be banned.


Boat Captains Agree! 

Our formula has been tested by the best boat captains in the business. Boat Goat Scrub is a powerful, concentrated cleaner. It also happens to be one of the safest on the market.

It is different as you really don't have to do anything but apply it, and I would not even say a rubbing in, but at most a light spreading of the product is all that is needed.

Jeff H. Jacksonville, FL

Boat Goat Scrub removed rust spots on my gelcoat hull.  Removed the rust from my trailer too! Just spray it on and let it work!

 - Capt. G, Crystal River, FL


Testing demonstrated that Boat Goat Scrub is very effective at removing all types of waterline stains to include rust stains. More importantly, Boat Goat Scrub does not harm aluminum trailers or concrete driveways. Because it is Biodegradable, boat owners can safely rinse off their boats and trailers with no harmful impact on the environment.