Boat Goat Scrub™ offers cleaning for boat hulls, trailers, and lifts. It is a safe alternative to the harsh cleaners used for cleaning. Boat Goat Scrub™ safely cleans Hulls, Gelcoat, Chrome, Metals, Lifts, & Stainless.


Boat Goat Scrub™ Removes the Ugly grimy build up that can discolor boat hulls. It cleans metals and removes rust with a safe, gentle cleaning action. Better, Safer, Cleaner.

We are dedicated to protecting the environment. Boat Goat Scrub™ was developed to be safe for the environment and biodegradable. There is no need to use harsh chemicals to clean your boat.

Shine Like New!

Sections of a Boat Hull Cleaned with Boat Goat Scrub™

Hull Shines Like New with Boat Goat Scrub™

"It's like a Goat Licking your Boat"

Available Online

• 32 oz
• 1 Gallon 
• 5 Gallon 

Also Available

• 55 Gallon
• 240 Gallon