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Wheel-eez® Al-Brite 3™ is a replacement for HF and Acid Based wheel cleaners. AB3™ is noncorrosive, safe to handle & store, and won't harm your people or equipment.
Wheel-eez® Al-Brite 3™ Ships in 5 Gallon Pails

Wheel-eez® Al-Brite 3™

Protect your investment in equipment and people by using Wheel-eez® Wheel Cleaner. Stop replacing equipment due to corrosion caused by your wheel cleaner and avoid dangerous HF and ABF that is harmful and may soon be banned.

Highly Concentrated • Use Straight / Mix to 55 Gallons 
• Use Straight -Tunnels 64:1 to 120:1 Self Serve 240:1 
• Mix to 55 gallons – then use 8:1 to 17:1 and higher.

Safe Wheel Cleaner that really works!

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Recommended by Car Wash Owners and Operators

If you chose to Mix into 55 Gallon Drum:​

You can use Wheel-eez® Al-Brite 3 Directly from the 5 gallon Pail as dilution ratios up to 240:1. But you may choose to pre-dilute Wheel-eez® Al-Brite 3 depending on your circumstances.

Here are tips for pre-dilution into a 55 gallon drum: