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Wheel-eez® Wheel Cleaner

Cork Wheel-eez® Wheel Cleaner Special

Get the Best Wheel Cleaner for ALL Wheel Types

TWO 16oz Bottles
Wheel-eez® Wheel Cleaner • Free Premium Micro-Fiber Towel • FREE SHIPPING!

You need the Best Wheel Cleaner

Removes Brake Dust with Ease. Just wet the wheel and then spray on. Let it soak for a few minutes and do the work for you. Simple agitation removes  greasy brake dust. Rinse away.

Works Great for Painted and Coated Wheels.  New Chemistry cleans wheels powerfully and is gentle for coated and painted wheels.

Non-Corrosive so it won’t etch as it cleans Wheel Surfaces. Many cleaners rely on harsh acids or alkaloids to do the cleaning, potentially etching your wheels.  Not so with our new formula.

Biodegradable so it’s Safe for You & the Planet. Stop using chemicals that damage the environment and the plants and animals you love.