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Jay Bomze

Jay's Excellent Experience with Cork's Wheel-eez® Al-Brite 3!

Jay Bomze, a Car Wash Tunnel Operator from Ohio, has great results with Wheel-eez® Al-Brite 3.  Cork’s Wheel-eez® is the Noncorrosive & Biodegradable improvement to your line. 

Wheel-eez® Al-Brite 3

Cork’s Wheel-eez® Al-Brite 3 Wheel Cleaner Special for Tunnels and Self Serve is the lowest price ever offered.  Now is an excellent time to buy!
Now is the time to switch to the best wheel cleaner that is safe and awesome at removing brake dust and grime, do it now! Easy Order Online!

Jason in Booth

"We really stand behind

– Jason Hayes, Tunnel Operator

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